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Fruits & Vegetables Quiz - Fruiz APK

Simple & Fun Quiz Game to help kids learn Fruit🍌 & Vegetable🥕. With Animation.

Version1.4.5 (25)
UpdatedApr 06, 2018 (3 years ago)
CategoryGames, Educational

Fruits & Vegetable Quiz, Guess the Fruits / Vegetables

This game will help everyone, especially children to learn fruits & vegetables name. Presented in form of game, learning fruits & vegetable will be fun !

There are 3 type of game here; Quiz, Match and Guess

In this game, you have to guess what fruit / vegetable is in the picture. You have 4 choices, choose the correct answer ! :D

You have to match the picture and the text. Drag the fruit / vegetable into the correct box.

You have to guess the fruit/vegetable using the letters that have been provided. Don't worry if you don't have any clue because there is a HINT


🌟Appealing Picture
This game uses vector images that is appealing, funny and eyes-friendly 😍

🌟Attractive Animation
Every fruit and vegetable picture is animated, make it very suitable for kids 😍

🌟Many level to choose
There are currently 12 level for Quiz & Guess game, and 6 Level for Match Game

🌟Time Mode
Complete the first 6 quiz level and you can play the quiz game with time mode ! Guess the fruit / vegetable before the time runs out !

🌟Pick your favorite theme
You can choose the color and picture you like. Set your game's design, make it beautiful 😍

🌟Small APK Size
its only around 4 MB 😍

🌟Can be played OFFLINE
You can play this game offline. All the fruits and vegetable picture is already provided inside the app 😍

Are you ready to learn fruit and vegetables with Fruiz ? Download Now, its Free

Attribution :
cover and icon designed by
more attribution listed inside the app

What's New

Version 1.4.5 - April 6 2018 🍉
Smaller APK Size 🚀
Use less resources 🍃

Version 1.4 - March 23 2018 🍉
Added New Game - Guess the Picture 😋
Fixed Problem in Match Game 🛠️
More Fun Gameplay 😻

Version 1.3 - March 1 2018 🍐
Added New Game - Match Picture with Text 😍
Change language directly inside the game 🏳️
Supported language : English🇬🇧, Indonesian🇮🇩
New Layout ✨
Fixed Bugs 🐝


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