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Find missing players for football matches when there are drop-outs or shortfalls

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UpdatedNov 19, 2016 (4 years ago)
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Football is passion. Played, lived and loved by millions of players and fans; it's one of the most popular and fastest growing sports on the planet. Five-a-side football has it's own kind of passion - fast, intense and exciting. It's the perfect game for any age, ability or gender. Yet, no matter what country, city or game-type, footballers face the same problems week after week: canceled games, last-minute drop-outs and uneven numbers.

This is why we decided to build Fulby.

Brinning 10 or more people together for a football match can be a painful experience. Booking a pitch, finding enough players, dealing with dropouts and collection money in advance can be a real headache. By removing the middle man using geolocation we are able to offer a seamless experience for players, organisers. leagues and sports centers around the country.

Fulby finds missing players for football matches when there are drop-outs or shortfalls - days, hours or minutes before a match begins. Other apps in this space aim to organise every aspect of a match, whereas Fulby only focuses on the missing players. Fulby promotes the sport in a simple and fun way that brings the amateur football community together. Users simply post a match or join an existing one, meaning there is always a chance to get a match going. Users create a profile and are welcomed with a feed of available matches nearby sorted by time and proximity. Use Fulby with your existing games or make new friends!

Key features of the app:

✪ Create games: Need a player fast? post a match and recruit players.
✪ Join matches: Fancy a game? Find games at any time or day that suit you.
✪ Geo-location: See games and players closest to you.

Fulby is great for:

★ Incentivising participation in sport
★ Filling empty pitches that would otherwise be vacant
★ Helping organisers find missing players
★ Reaching a much larger audience than any of the tools currently in use
★ Allowing players to participate in football matches that suit their needs at short notice
★ Putting sport centres “on the map”


Learn more about Fulby: http://www.fulbyapp.com

Email: info@fulbyapp.com

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