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Kids play dozens of instruments. Free educational music game

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UpdatedApr 11, 2020 (11 months ago)
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Every parent is looking to know what their kid likes. Is he/she going to be a programmer, an architect, a musician or a sculptor? We hope this app will help you to clarify at least one of these questions and see if your kids like music or not. It is an absolutely free program we hope you’ll enjoy.
Our application has more than 40 musical instruments. We show instruments pictures, play their sounds and your kid may learn a lot about music using our application. We prepared several melodies for each instrument. Also in game your child may try to play notes for each kind of instruments. For example a baby can try to play the piano, the guitar or drums and hear melodies and notes for each.
In general all content is split into four categories:
• String instruments: such as guitar, banjo, violin, cello, etc.
• Wind: such as flute, clarinet, etc.
• Percussion: such as drums, bongo, xylophone, etc.
• Keyboard: such as piano, organ, accordion, etc.
Your kids select a category, then select an instrument and then they may play with it and listen to the recorded music or try to build their own melodies using our toy piano that gives ability to play notes in a way of a sounds game. We hope our app will be an educational game for your kids to learn their first steps in music and sounds. If we open new famous piano, guitar or drums artists with help of our app, this will be the greatest reward for us.
Music is a very important part of our life and our culture. We tried to find the best melodies and sounds for your kids to dive into musical world. This free application was built by parents for parents and was tested by our babies. They enjoyed to learn notes and instrument’s sounds, we hope yours will enjoy too. We wish your next step after using our app will be going to the musical shop and buying a real piano, guitar or drums. Grow up your own rock star and we will do our best to assist you with it. This free educational musical game is your first small step.
Besides educational purpose we want this app to help parents to make their kids busy with some fun stuff. Your child may not learn music at the moment but believe us he/she will sit hours playing our game and trying different notes, melodies and instruments. No payments, everything is free.

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