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Futoshiki APK

Japanese Logic Puzzle Of Inequalities

Futoshiki is the Japanese logic puzzle of inequalities.

The goal of the game is to fill in all the grid squares, but there are some rules:

First, each row and column cannot have the same number twice

Second, throughout the puzzle grid, you will see either less than or great than signs. These are the "inequalities" and to correctly solve the puzzle, these must be honored.

Each puzzle has only one solution.

There are 500 levels to solve, broken down into these four groups:

4x4 Grids - 70 puzzles
5x5 Grids - 130 puzzles
6x6 Grids - 150 puzzles
7x7 Grids - 150 puzzles

You may play any puzzle at any time you wish - there are no locked levels and no points to earn.

Each puzzle has a handful of presolved squares and also has a number of posted inequalities that must be honored.

If at any time you enter something invalid, the offending square(s) will light up red to show you the error.

If you get stuck or need a helping hand, press the red tab in the upper left (labeled Hints, Undo, Reset) and you can either back out up to the last 25 moves or reset the puzzle to its beginning state.

You are also shown three hint buttons and for the low, low price of watching a short ad, you can do one of the following:

-- Solve one random puzzle slot - this will put enter and lock in the correct value in one random open slot on your grid.

-- Lock Up To X Correct Slots - this will search out your grid and will, if it finds any, lock in up to X number of user entered slots that are correct. For 4x4 grids, this will be up to two. For 5x5, it will be up to three. For 6x6, it will be up to four and finally for 7x7 it will be up to five.

-- Seek out and highlight any invalidly entered number number (if there are any). For those it finds, the square(s) will be light up wtih red until you change its value.

Click on the upper left red tab again (that now says Pen and Pencil) to go back to entering values on the grid.

I hope you enjoy this game which is not only challenging but relaxing as well.


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