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Futuristic Combat - Robot Tank APK

Step into the hummer transform Robot fight in the world of Steel.

Version1.0 (1)
UpdatedMar 17, 2017 (4 years ago)
CategoryGames, Simulation

Step into the hummer transform Robot fight in the world of Tanks. You are challenged by nefarious fleet of robots. They have planned to invade your territory. They have surrounded you by all directions. Now it is time to start a combat and destroy them. Your tanks are waiting to crack the bombing. Let your weapons be utilized by destroying all the robots. Move forward with your tanks by proper strategic movements and save your tanks by enemy blasts.
Clear the area before enemies defeat you. Keep your eyes open and believe in your will power to destroy the enemy X-Ray Robots. Focus on your energies. Be brave and don’t be panic by opponents. Give them a message to stay away from your home land.
Evil robots war will engross you in battle field of survival. As you are the last hope of salvation from steel punches and metal kicks. You have a maverick opportunity to use your tanks energy as bazooka firing. Bumblebee robots have super powers of transforming their wings into deadly shooters. Are you ready for surprise attacks to use the tactics and make strategies for gaining momentum as a warrior. Use the skills of accurate moves to accomplish the mission of ultimate sniper gunship. Make it tricky for the opponents to come over you as they are rivals which are equip with best war zone weapons. They entered into this region with aim to destroy this land. It will be act of great wisdom to prove yourself as peace lover by get rid of beast attackers.
Manage the flow of war that no transformer robot in disguise should be able to fire on tank. Experience the real tank combat with crush robot mafia. Take orders from the higher ranked tank commander for more tactical fires.
Beat the evil attacks and rescue through intense robot tank war. Champion the art of fighting with your jet machines. Give the lesson of never attack again to the enemies as you are equipped with modern army of tank attacks. This game full of action, thrill and craziness will certainly be a jaw dropping. This is a pack of real demonstration that how to engage a robot army with real tank attack wars. The forces will testify your offensive and defensive ideas against robot warfare and modern world of metal warriors. Tanks vs. Robots is a unique and addictive game which attracts the both tank lovers as well as robot lovers. Prove your mettle for more tactical and ultimate fight against war bots. Choose your killing machine for a full immersion in a clash between tanks and robots. Now your wait is over for a full heartless and harsh world of tank wars with a bunch of enemies and dynamic game.

Game Features:
- Breathtaking Environment and Graphics.
- Realistic Tank Controls for wheels.
- Stunning sounds engineered for Robots.
- All the operation is controlled by gunship helicopters.


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