This App connects your tablet via Bluetooth with your CNC controlled by GRBL.

Version2.06 (206)
UpdatedFeb 25, 2020 (8 months ago)
DeveloperAndreas Thölke
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This App provides the interface between a tablet (10” preferred) and a GRBL controller. The connection is using Bluetooth. The preferred receiver is a Bluetooth device called HC-06. More details about the connection is shown on the Help-Tab „Hardware Prerequisites” inside the App.

You can use raw G-Code commands as well as predefined buttons to control your CNC device. But the main feature is sending G-Code files to the GRBL controller.

GRBL Versions 0.9 and 1.1 are supported.

Some Features are:
- Buttons to move all Axis and setup zero positions etc.
- Support of Z-Axis Probing
- Sending G-Code files
- M06 Tool Change adapted to GRBL's M00 Pause command
- Observing the communication
- Store often used commands
- Arduino Sketch to configure the Bluetooth receiver
- Help Pages to setup the Bluetooth connection
- Speed Change during file transfer

Required Permissions:
- SD-Card read/write/delete
Read files to be send to the CNC machine
Write Setup files and the HC-06.ino Arduino Sketch
Delete - not used
- Access to the Network
Copy GCode files onto the device
- Admin Bluetooth Settings
Open a connection
Send/Receive Bluetooth data

Sometimes I get crash reports for older versions. Please do an update and check yourself if the error has already been corrected.
If you want to help me with the improvement of the app, please communicate problems and instructions for the reproduction of the error via email.

What's New

- Improved touch response on lists
- Fixed: Remember last file location (SD Card/Network)
- Smaller status and tab area for medium size devices
- Update to hierynomus/smbj Release Version 0.10.0

Email: andreas-thoelke@gmx.de

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