Blast off into Galaxiga Retro - the ultimate space shooter!


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Jul 12, 2024
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Galaxiga Retro Arcade Action GAME

Experience the classic arcade thrill of Galaxiga Retro - shoot 'em up space game! Take control of your ship as you battle against hordes of enemy flies in a galactic battle for survival. You'll have to dodge enemy fire, collect power-ups, and complete levels to progress through the game. With its fast-paced action, vibrant graphics, and unique soundtrack, Galaxiga Retro will challenge your reflexes and test your skills as you fight your way to victory. Battle against hordes of enemy flies in a galactic war for survival!

Swarming Galaxiga alien flies are invading our galaxy! Hurry to your spaceship if you are to defeat the incoming Swarm! You are the last remaining space ship on our space defense force. Help defeat Galaxiga! you are our only hope!

People who play infinite arcade games regularly or those who play old retro console games enjoy our classic retro arcade Galaxiga Retro game.

A classic game in the arcade style but better graphics and game play. More spaceships to join in the fast action game play.

How to play: 🚀

Very simply you must defeat alien 🛸 bug armies 🛸. To do this slide your finger to control the spaceship at the bottom of the screen. Or enable the virtual joystick to control your ship and firing.

How To Move:
Move your space ship from side to side with your finger all the while attempting to shoot down incoming waves of aliens that swoop to attack your space ship. Or enable the virtual joystick and fire button.

Bonus Rounds
After some waves a bonus round or Boss Alien will spawn to test your skill and strategy!

You must be prepared as each Boss will test your ability to dodge. You must shoot down your opponent while evading its multiple shooting styles!

* Each boss has its own unique shot pattern.
* Each boss will give bonus points.
* Each boss will have powerups.

🚀 Features:🚀

You will need skill and strategy to defeat each wave. For that you have the following...

* Powerups.
* Multiple firing patterns.
* Multiple Space Ships.🚀
* Bonus rounds.
* 🛸Boss rounds.🛸
* Easy to play with touch movement.
* Virtual Joystick. Swap to right or left handed.
* Increasing difficulty.🛸🛸🛸
* Classic Arcade Game Play style.
* 🛸Boss play mode.🛸
* Classic Play Style "No bosses appear".
* Loads of levels infinite play!
* Automatic shooting.

Enjoy classic arcade space combat. Have fun!
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