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Challenge and really fantastic defense game. Let’s fight with Galaxy Super

Version1.3 (3)
UpdatedJun 22, 2017 (3 years ago)
DeveloperPix Studio Game
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Star Galaxy of Heroes Commander Defense, you’re on wars duty to protect your town from those galaxy villains who are trying to destroy you home town. Team up with Galaxy of Heroes which are Yoda, Clone Trooper, Chewbacca,Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Princess Leia and more to eliminate the invaders. You will be equipped with many types of weapons and challenged by each level Force Awakens mission. For sure, it will be harder and harder!
Sure, it’s very exciting to be these Super Hero brother’s in arm.
As Star Galaxy of Heroes Commander who is on duty to protect the your galaxy in the wars. You and your friends, Super Heroes, have to team up with many kinds of weapons to stop the villains.
This game is one way-horizontal strategy and defense game. You, Galaxy of Heroes Commander and Super Heroes team are on the left to defend the invading villains. You can add more Captain Skywalker with villain Vader, Cody with Tropper and so on. You have to win the higher level to unlock the characters. You will get more coins when pass to the higher level.
You have to create a strategy to defend. Which characters should be added? Attack or defend?
How to get free stars galaxy and galaxy diamonds
Achieve the daily quests and win the levels and watching ads videos. The stars can be used to upgrade the weapon, health, damage power, damage range, attack speed, critical time while diamonds are used to upgrade the skill.
How to play
Each level provides free coins for you to add warriors. In the first level, you can add only a character with dual pistol. Passing the higher levels will unlock the characters. For example, you can use Captain Solo Hans Hero with short gun when passing to level 7.
- Add warrior and place him to the location of the best defender. Number of warriors is up to coins you have
- Shooting is run automatically. You have to tap the warrior when it needs to reload bullets. Tap and hold the warrior to refill the energy. Refilling energies need coins differently up to the warriors. For example,Yoda, Clone Trooper, Chewbacca,Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and short galaxy gun needs 160. The coins are increased by time and number of galaxy villains killed.
- Make up your mind which one should be added for the best team. This is the key of success
- Use star to upgrade the galaxy warriors (units) and diamonds to upgrade skills.
- Earn free stars by achieving daily quests
Tips for new player
- The game gives you some coins to add warriors. You have to make up a strategy which one and how many each type of warriors should be added. Keep in mind that you need coins to refill them the energies. If you don’t have enough coins, you will get lost.
- It’s highly recommended to improve each warrior’s damage power and health. Use stars you’ve earn for them
- Notice the exclamation sign at Quest. It frequently gives you free stars and diamonds.
This game is good for everyone. It’s easy to play but challenge to get a win of each level. You need to draw out strategies. Have fun with it.

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