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NameGame Booster - Free Accelerator APK
Version2.1 (21)
UpdatedNov 26, 2021
DeveloperRepair system android
CategoryApps, Tools

Game Booster - Accelerator App

Booster to fix not only games but also improve the performance of the gadget.

The phone accelerator for games will serve you not only as an game booster, but also help to avoid many troubles with the performance of your phone. This smart booster application contains functions that will ensure a long life for your smartphone:
💡Cache cleaner
💡3 game modes
💡Universal settings

So about the phone accelerator, what does it give and why is it so important to use it? The name "booster" already speaks for itself.⚡️This feature is very important in order to avoid the slow speed of your gadget. Just go to the main menu of the game booster application and select the accelerate feature from the list of functions. It will ensure the long and fast operation of your gadget, cool phone and protect the phone battery from overheating and premature damage. Even if your phone has been running slowly for a long time, the settings are constantly getting lost, many tabs do not open at the same time, games and applications are malfunctioning, do not rush to throw out your gadget. After all, with the boost up function, you can give him a second life.📲

Check your phone for malicious downloads and files and continue to be calm about the state of your gadget. If it is stable to check once a week for viruses, and also use. Other functions such as phone accelerator and optimization, then you will notice a lot of progress in smartphone performance for the better.🔍🔐

Cache cleaner
We all know very well what the full memory of the phone can turn into - the slow operation of the gadget, the inability to download files, the inability to open applications, etc.🤕 And to avoid this, we make sure that the phone has a sufficient amount of free memory. But when deleting old multimedia, files, unnecessary games and applications, we often forget that after them there is also a cache. The cache accumulates over time and takes up most of the phone’s memory. Therefore, it is very important not to forget and clear the phone from cache. In order for your games and applications to work at a good speed and without lags, we also added a cache cleaner to the list of smart booster app functions.🧰🗑

Тhree different game modes
So that your games do not seem boring to you and do not quickly get bored, we decided to create invited readers for games in order to diversify them a bit.🤡 So we present to you three completely different game modes: Power Play, Long game mode and Offline game. Be sure to try each of these modes, because each of them is special in its own way and has its own advantages.🤳🏻🎮

In the game booster settings you have the ability to customize the games for you as you like, adjust the sound volume, brightness, increase FPS, Internet. All this is available to you in order for the applications to work the way you want.🦾🦿

⬇️Download the game booster app⬇️, accelerate your smartphone, cool phone and optimize its work with the help of a booster. Use other equally important functions and improve your gadget and games in it.🤩
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