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Game Congkak 2018: Classic Game Ancient Fun!!

1.0.0 · Aug 15, 2018

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UpdatedAug 15, 2018 (3 years ago)

Game Congkak 2018: Classic Game Ancient Fun!! game

Classic Game, Congkak or Congklak Game or commonly called Mancala

Congkak or Congklak Or Mancala is a very popular traditional game in countries like Indonesia, malaysia, brunei, singapore, thailand and philippines. players practice the ability of "mental calculation" to win the game. players with an efficient ability to calculate a few steps in advance will have an advantage in more points collectiong, and to win the game.

This Congkak game uses a game board that has 14 holes and 2 large holes on the left and right edge.
 Every 7 small holes in the player's side and the big hole on his right side are considered to be the player's.
 this game should only be played by 2 people.
 How to play Congkak or Congklak, initially every small hole filled with 7 seeds.
 One who starts (usually does a suite to determine who is ahead) chooses the hole to be taken and puts one into each hole on his right and so on.
 When the seeds run out in small holes that have other seeds, he may take the seeds and continue filling, if it runs out in his big hole then he gets a special chance by choosing a small hole on his side.
 When it turns out in a small hole on the side then he stopped and took all the seeds on the opposite side.
 But when it stops in an empty hole on the opposite side then he stops and gets nothing. The game is considered finished when one of the players has no more seeds to take (the whole seed is in the big hole on the right and left of the player).
 The winner is determined with the player who gets the most seeds.

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