Game of Balls APK

A game where you have to fight for the survival of your balls!

Version1.0 (6)
UpdatedMar 25, 2015 (6 years ago)
DeveloperMidnight Studios
CategoryGames, Casual

This fast-paced game with simple gameplay offers quick and fun challenges!

Beat your friends high scores and unlock the achievements! Will you get the throne in this game of... Balls?

The concept of the game is very simple: you have Destroyer Balls, Player Balls, Bumper Balls and Bonus Balls.

.Destroyer Balls: They are static, but if Player Balls touch them they are destroyed. More Destroyer Balls are spawned throughout the game;
.Player Balls: They move! They cannot touch Destroyer Balls! If Player Ball count reaches 0 is Game Over!
.Bumper Balls: Use these to get Player Balls out of the way of Destroyer Balls! Bounce those Balls away! You can only have 2 at the same time.
.Bonus Balls: Catch them to increase your score! The more Player Balls you have score multiplier will be higher!

Tips & Tricks:
.Try to maximize your number of Player Balls in play. The score multiplier will be higher and when you catch those Bonus Balls you will skyrocket your score!
.In Stages with walls, trap some Player Balls! Watch that score multiplier rise!
.Train your bounces! It is not easy to send the balls in the direction you want.

.2D gameplay with 2.5D graphics!
.Quick challenges!
.3 Stages;
.Cool music to keep you shaking your head while playing the game!

Easy to learn, hard to master! If you like challenges this is the game for you! Keep those balls tamed!

A game with so many balls could only be named Game of Balls!

What's New

Giftiz integration! Game of balls now has a mission on Giftiz! Play, complete the mission and win Giftiz XP so you can have the chance to win cool prizes!

Email: midnightstudios@inbox.com

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