* New concept game contest that anyone can participate! Game Festival 365 (Gamefestival365) *


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May 20, 2019

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A new concept of gaming competition that is easy for everyone to participate in! Gamefestival 365!

▶ How can I use the game festival 365?
Simply enter your ID and e-mail address and you'll be signing up in 30 seconds!
② Press the 'Initial Participation' button for the game you are interested in.
③ Play the game you participated in.
④ If you earn a game point, you will be ranked higher.
⑤ Join the team and earn the team's points.
⑥ Invite your game friends for the Help Alliance.
⑦ The prize money will be paid according to the ranking after the competition.

▶ How do I get the prize money?
If you earn more than $ 10, you can withdraw to your account!

▶ Contact Us

Thank you.

* New concept game contest that anyone can participate! Game Festival 365 *
▶ What is the game festival 365?
It is a new concept game platform platform application that anyone who participates well or not can participate!
▶ How do I use Game Festival 365?
① If you enter only your ID and email address, you will be registered in 30 seconds!
② If you are interested in a game contest, just click the 'Join Now' button to finish!
③ Just play the games of participating competitions hard ~
④ The more points you achieve the more points in the game, the higher the rankings.
⑤ When it is difficult to raise the rankings by yourself, apply for an alliance and earn points for the team.
⑥ You do not have time to play? Invite your friends through the HELP alliance.
   The more invited friends, the harder the game, the more the ranking UP!
⑦ After the competition, you will receive a different prize point according to the ranking!
▶ How do I get the prize money?
Do you give a coupon for the hard earned prize points? NO!
If you earn more than 10,000 won, you can withdraw from your account!
▶ Access authority
[Required Access Rights]
 - Storage: My Info> Use storage access for photo registration
 - Phone: Use authorization for identity verification
 - Address Book: Use the right to show your Google account (email) when registering.

▶ Contact Us
If you have any questions or questions during the game festival 365 app, please contact us.
I will answer you kindly and quickly.
Contact us help@gamefestival365.co.kr
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