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Games for Android VR 3.0 APK

The best gallery of games for Android VR

Version2.6.0 (20600000)
UpdatedMar 25, 2020 (1 year ago)
DeveloperVR Games Store
CategoryGames, Simulation

Games for Android VR, referring in English to the popular virtual reality games, are an exclusive categorization to perform in the field of 3D and 360 ° technology. Depending on what it is, we can interact by performing actions through Bluetooth drivers or other peripherals, or, if that is not possible, we will visualize our surroundings and enjoy virtual reality without interaction.

Downloading games for VR Box Android is a relatively easy task to carry out as long as we know where to look. From our app 'Games for Android' compatible with VR Box, Google Cardboard and other viewers or helmets, we will navigate from the full gallery, reviewing the wide variety of categories to finally reach the desired games and its respective download button.

The games in virtual reality of horror, horror and fear are the most popular, since many movies or series have their place in the world of VR games, however, other popular themes are animal, FPS shooters, sports and zombies, although those of adventure, action, skill and simulation have quality games.

If you have a mobile device or smartphone without a gyroscope despite being one of the most important sensors for virtual reality, there are a limited number of games without a VR gyroscope. In its specific section you will have all the ones that we have been adding with the objective that you use your phone to play. Finally, we highlight the section with VR videos for Android in which you will simply have to navigate to find the virtual reality movies that suit your taste or needs.


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