Games for US Babies - Kids 2 years + 👶 APK

Games for US Babies - Kids 2 years + 👶


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Name6 Baby Games APK
Version0.68 (68)
UpdatedOct 08, 2021
DeveloperBP Board Games
CategoryGames, Educational

Games for US Babies - Kids 2 years + 👶 Game

👶 6 Baby and Toddler games - Puzzles,Xylophone, Fireworks, Letters and Drawings

This baby game is designed to give your toddler pleasure and gathers the most popular and loved baby games such as Puzzles, Fireworks,Drawings and so on.

- Great vector graphics
- 3 Alphabets are supported: Latin, Cyrillic, Greek
- Parental control for toddlers
- Keep babies entertained with interactive sound effects
- The game is adapted to be handled easily by toddlers.

🐘 Baby Game 1 - Puzzles game
Help the baby learn the animals, fruits, alphabet, numbers, shapes and colors.

🎶 Baby Game 2 - Xylophone game
Kids will listen and learn in an easy way to play some of the most famous children's songs through 8 musical notes. Classic songs like "Happy Birthday" and more.

🎆 Baby Game 3 - Fireworks game
Fireworks are always loved by children they are a kind of magic as well. The game helps children to learn colors and the beauty of their combinations, develop thought processes, fine motor skills and attentiveness.

✨ Baby Game 4 - Letters and numbers
The game will help your kids to learn A-Z Alphabets & 1-10 Numbers.
3 Alphabets are supported:
- Latin
- Cyrillic
- Greek

🎨 Baby Game 5 - Drawings, Colors, Letters
Perfect painting game for your baby - simple, colorful, cheerful, beautiful and sensory. Whether doodle, draw or coloring - it is simply fun.

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APK: 6 Παιχνίδια μωρών, 6 Baby Games, 6 Бебешки Игри, 6 Bebek Oyunları, 6 Детские игры

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