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Let’s play Garbage truck driving simulator.

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UpdatedJul 09, 2019 (1 year ago)
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Storm Becker brings for you Garbage Truck Driving Simulator - Trash Cleaner one of the best fun driving and parking game on Google Play Store. Drive your own garbage dump truck on city roads and collect trash and debris from the roadside. Your job is to drive garbage truck to clean up the roads and streets by collecting all trash. Pick all the garbage and trash and dump into the garbage truck. In this simulator game, you have to drive multiple dump trucks. Select your favorite garbage dump truck and drive on city roads. Drive your garbage trash cleaner like a pro garbage truck driver. Pick up garbage and trash from streets and load up the trash truck find the trash and debris with the help of a map. When you load up the trash now time to deliver all trash to the recycling plant. Are you ready to clean up your city and drive the garbage truck around the city to collect trash? As a garbage truck driver collect trash as much as you can by driving and playing garbage truck. Park your garbage truck on the parking area and collect trash and transport from streets to garbage site. Our mission is to the neat and clean city so collect the maximum number of trash and garbage containers and earn money. In this Garbage Truck Driving Simulator - Trash Cleaner you have to play a different kind of trash cleaning mission. Drive truck and complete your trash cleaning mission on time.

Let’s drive Garbage Truck Driving Simulator - Trash Cleaner 2019 and clean city streets and roads from the garbage. This garbage truck duty driver simulator game includes the complete garbage recycle process. You have to perform garbage truck simulator duty and manage city wastes garbage by transporting it on garbage place far from the city to keep safe citizens safe from different kinds of diseases. This is a recycling truck games. The full city 3d environment has been designed and real machinery e.g. garbage truck, bulldozer, fork lifter, loader, modern tower crane, garbage truck and vehicles traffic has been added to give you real-time city wastes management experience.

So let’s start your duty and ride on a modern Garbage Truck Driving Simulator - Trash Cleaner 2019, drive it in the city streets and main roads pick or collect city trash dumps and drop it on the trash place that is far from the city. Drive the dump truck games for toddlers carefully in the city traffic rush. While performing city wastes management big truck games duty avoid hitting garbage crane or city garbage truck with other road vehicles e.g. luxury cars, school bus or public transport bus, 8x8 real garbage truck or city tuk-tuk rickshaw. It might happen a road accident and rough trash or garbage will split on the asphalt city road. Clean the city from trash and collect all the garbage in one place. Now load all the garbage on truck driving games loader crane and transport it to the factory for the refinement and recycling. Now put the garbage into the compressor and which will out garbage into the form of refined trash boxes. Build a room for collecting garbage or trash. Transport and arrange the recycled trash boxes into a room and then separate iron and plastic by putting it on iron and plastic filter in the factory. Now, this is the time convert this filtered iron and plastic into productive yield e.g. iron truck. Now customize a truck driving games simulator on the highway real by modifying different parts of a truck into a complete useful truck. Modifying a truck itself will be amazing.

Garbage Truck Driving Simulator - Trash Cleaner Features:

🚛 Lots of garbage trucks to unlock.
🚛 Two challenging game modes.
🚛 Realistic garbage truck vehicles with steering wheel and gear.
🚛 Use steer button to turn left/right and test your truck driving skills.
🚛 Realistic animation for collecting garbage container and dump the rubbish on the truck.
🚛 Realistic traffic system.
🚛 Amazing trash truck sound effects.

What's New

-Minor Bug Fixes

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