Garden Pest Prevention APK

Identify your garden pest and get simple suggestion to control them easily

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UpdatedNov 23, 2019 (6 months ago)
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This easy-to-use android phone app is served as an information, suggestion or opinion about the background or behavior, life cycle and suggestion prevention and control of the common garden pest or bugs in digital texts and color images format for your easier reference.

This app is also introducing the beneficial insect information, behavior, life cycle and suggestion to attract them to your garden naturally. With the help of the list of beneficial insects and their images presented in this app, you can convert your garden into a balance ecosystem consist of biological control which refers to the method of controlling pests using other living organisms. The images of the flowers or plants which attract most of the beneficial insect also provided in this app for user easier references.

It is also encourage user to get involve and understanding the important and benefit of practicing organic farming or gardening in life.The most obvious benefit to practicing organic farming is growing plants or vegetable that free from chemical pesticides, non-toxic and cost saving besides generating higher return yield. Thanks to the several species of pollinating insect like bees and flies for their helps of pollination works!.

Diary Planner and Photo Note is a needed tools application for every gardener to manage the daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly gardening work tasks effectively and eventually save your valuable time. Photo Note application is also ideal for you to create Daily-To-Do-List for your daily gardening works schedule.

The Garden Pest Prevention app is absolutely free and we are sure you will benefit from the features provided.

Features include :

Garden Pest
Garden Pest is serving information about the common pests or bugs life cycle or behavior. Suggestion on prevention and control also provided for your easier reference.

Beneficial Insect
Beneficial Insect Menu is serving information about the beneficial insect life cycle and behavior.
Suggestion on how to attract them to your garden is provided.
Images of plants and flowers which attract the most also provided.

Garden Diary
This Page is a calendar planner that allows users to create events with different categories and allow users to view these events in months, days and list/agenda format option, and also serve as a reminder or priority in your daily gardening works.

Photo Note Book
This page allows users to take photo and save written notes inside this application and share it to your members or friends by social media. Photo Note Book application is also ideal for you to create Daily-To-Do-List for your daily gardening works schedule.

Memo Bugs
Memo bugs is a simple memory game to challenge yours memory and keep you fresh.

Download this professional app and get quick information and reference about your garden pest now!

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