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Gas Mileage APK

Gas Mileage calculates and tracks your vehicle's fuel economy.

Version2.0 (5)
UpdatedSep 19, 2014 (7 years ago)
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Gas Mileage calculates your vehicle's fuel economy using your trip odometer. Tracking your fuel usage helps you keep an eye on the health of your vehicle and see how changes to how you drive affects your mileage. Gas mileage is a simple application that does one thing and does it well.

Other mileage tracking calculators require you to add entries every time you fill up and if you forget, it is difficult to catch up. Gas Mileage is different, just remember to reset your trip odometer every time you fill up your tank and then add entries when you remember.

*** Features ***

- Enter and display values in any common unit
- List of fill-ups are color coded based on the mileage
- Supports as many vehicles as you like
- Icons for each of your vehicles
- Shows your best mileage, average mileage, worst mileage and the last mileage you entered
- Easily edit, delete or update any of your fill-ups
- Add notes to fill-ups and view them later

To start using the application,

1 - Fill-up your car and reset your trip odometer. Do not enter a reading.

2 - Next time you fill-up your car, enter the amount of fuel you added and the distance you have driven, then reset your trip odometer.

3 - To enter a fill-up in the application, select your vehicle from the dropdown and press to add button in the upper right.

If you ever forget to reset your trip odometer when you fill up, just do it next time.

If you have multiple vehicles, manage them using the menu and select the current vehicle in the dropdown. Icons make it easy to distinguish between vehicles.

To edit or delete any previous fill-ups, long press on them to bring up a menu. Fill-ups with notes will have a note icon. Just tap the note icon to view the note.

*** Permissions ***

The app uses Flurry Analytics ( to track anonymous usage statistics and error reports. This requires a network connection to send the data and access to your coarse location to track which countries the app is being used in. It does not track or send any personal data.

What's New

Version 2.0

- Removed Flurry tracking
- Application no longer requires any permissions
- Added the ability to rate the application

Version 1.3

- Fixed crash on startup for some users.
- Fill-up dialog now properly tabs through entry fields.

Version 1.2

- Each vehicle now has an icon. To change from the default, edit your vehicles.
- Attach notes to fill-ups and view them later.


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