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GATE Physics test app has more than 10,000 multiple choice questions and answers

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This application has been developed for testing your GATE Physics skills. This is a latest and fantastic new education application which has been fueled with lots and lots of interesting questions that test you intelligence in the subject. It has more than 10,000 multiple choice questions and answers and these cover a wide range of varieties of topics. General knowledge starting from basic to high level GATE Physics can be found in this app.

This is a complete GATE Physics study app which covers from the base to the highest level and this is one of the very few best learning apps and most useful apps that can be found online for free.

This GATE Physics testing app has been designed in the best possible manner so that the user can constantly improve his/her knowledge about the subject. This GATE Physics testing application suits for all lower, intermediate and higher levels as this application carries a combination of questions for testing the user from the basic level to the highest level. The questions in each level will be displayed randomly.

By going through the tests and attempting the questions, the user can improve his/her GATE Physics knowledge and can score well in college level and competitive level exams.

The application is very easy to use and has been designed very carefully keeping in mind the needs of the students. When a student/user makes a mistake the application indicates and also shows the correct answer. Take the GATE Physics tests repeatedly and analyze your improved results each time.

This is a free version and this can be used in both offline mode and online mode.

Some of the most important categories covered under the GATE Physics tests are:

- Mathematical Physics
- Linear vector space
- Orthogonality
- Completeness
- Matrices
- Vector calculus
- Variational principle
- Lagrange’s equation of motion
- central force and scattering problems
- Rigid body motion
- Small oscillations
- Hamilton’s formalisms
- Poisson bracket
- special theory of relativity
- Lorentz transformations
- Relativistic kinematics
- Mass-energy equivalence
- Electromagnetic Theory
- Solutions of electrostatic
- Linear differential equations
- Elements of complex analysis
- Cauchy Riemann conditions -
- Cauchy’s theorems
- Singularities
- Residue theorem
- Laplace transforms
- Fourier analysis
- Elementary ideas about tensors
- Covariant and contravariant tensor
- Levi-Civita and Christoffel symbols
- Classical Mechanics
- D’Alembert’s principle
- Cyclic coordinates
- Quantum Mechanics
- Postulates of quantum mechanics
- Uncertainty principle
- Schrodinger equation
- Linear vectors and operators in Hilbert space
- Angular momentum and spin
- Addition of angular momenta
- Time independent perturbation theory
- Elementary scattering theory
- Dielectrics and conductors
- Maxwell’s equations
- Scalar and vector potentials
- Coulomb and Lorentz gauges
- Electromagnetic waves
- Ls and jj coupling
- NMR, ESR, X-Ray Spectra
- Einstein coefficients
- Population inversion
- Laws of thermodynamics
- Macrostates and microstates
- Phase space
- Ensembles
- Partition function, free energy
- Classical and quantum statistics
- Degenerate fermi gas
- Bose-Einstein condensation
- Elements of superconductivity
- Meissner effect
- London equation
- Semiconductor devices
- Diodes
- Bipolar junction transistors
- Field effect transistors
- Operational amplifiers -
- Negative feedback circuits
- Active filters and oscillators
- Regulated power supplies
- Nuclear and Particle Physics
- Nuclear models, liquid drop model
- Semi-empirical mass formula
- Solid State Physics & Electronics
- Elements of crystallography
- Free electron theory
- Band theory of solids
- Fission and fusion
- Quark model
- Fermi gas model of nucleus
- Nuclear shell model
- Nuclear force and two nucleon problem

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