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Makes your screen translucent enabling you to always keep an eye on reality

Version02.01.000 (10)
UpdatedAug 23, 2016 (4 years ago)
DeveloperPrakash Jha
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The app makes your device screen translucent by overlaying camera captures on your device screen and enabling you to always keep an eye on reality. The app will enable you to use your phone while you are walking or doing something that requires you to be watchful of your ever changing surroundings.Camera flash can be used to compensate for changing ambient lighting conditions. The app can also save camera captures periodically and continues to run even when the screen is off, thus your device can be used as a dash-cam or a portable surveillance device. By choosing front camera you can see what is happening behind your back while you continue to use your phone. An option to choose between front and back camera doubles the usability of the app.

Salient features of the app.

1. Let’s you choose between front or back camera of your device.
2. Let’s you control the screen transparency level.
3. Camera captures can be rotated by 0, 90, 180, or 270 degrees to offset device orientation.
6. Has wide range of camera resolutions to choose from.
8. Enables use of camera flash light.
9. Enables saving camera captures.
11. Saves images in external storage in directory, GazeAppMedia\Images\<>\
12. Let’s you apply one or more image filters to captured images. - Available in pro version

Landing Screen
• Image Size: User can toggle between lowest camera resolution and custom camera resolution.
• Rotate Background: User can toggle between default 0 degree camera rotation and custom camera rotation.
• Locked Screen: Whether to show camera captures when the screen is locked or not.
• Flash Light: Enable/Disable using camera flash light.
• Save as images: Toggle between saving camera captures as per user settings or not saving camera captures.
• Image Filters: Applies all selected image filters on camera captures.

Camera Settings
• Camera: Choose between front or back camera
• Camera Resolution: Choose camera resolution from device supported resolutions.
• Rotate Camera: Select an angle to rotate the camera captures
• Hardware Acceleration: Use device’s hardware acceleration to improve app performance.
• Screen On: Keep device screen on while the app is running.

Filter Settings
• Brightness and Contrast: Controls dynamics of frames, best used during bright or low light conditions.
• Equalize: Auto equalizes image contrast.
• Sepia: Gives sepia effect to captured image
• Grayscale: Converts camera capture to grayscale
• Negative: Converts camera capture to negative. Best used during low light and at night.
• Edge Detection: Best for motion detection

Save Settings
• Apply Filters: Apply selected filters before saving the frames.
• Frame Rate: Let’s you choose number of frames to be saved every second, minute, or hour.
• Save As: Toggling this option enables app to either save or not save the captured images.
• Save Image As: Allows you to save the captured images in either JPEG, or PNG format.

1. Camera: Camera permission is need to capture frames from your device camera(s)
2. Alert Window: Allows the app to draw captured frames on your device screen in background of other running apps, giving a translucent appearance.
3. Write: Allows app to save app configurations and captured camera frames in your device.
4. Read: Allows app to read back user settings.
5. Internet: Download advertisements and report app crash

1. Prolonged use of app will drain device battery fast.
2. Avoid using camera flash for longer time periods.
3. Running app without image filters makes it run smooth and device battery lasts longer.
4. Choose image save frequency wisely, as it can fill your device memory by saving lot of images.
5. The app is always being worked on. Your valuable feedback is much appreciated.

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