Quickly convert text into numbers using known ciphers

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Gematria Calculator lets you quickly convert a string of text into numbers using some known ciphers. I'll be consistently updating this app, and if you would like a cipher added, shoot me an email through the app store and I'll get to it.

What's New

*** Remember - this is a work in progress! ***

I know there are some display bugs with lower-resolution phones, but I intend to fix this in a near-future release.

I've added a dates page and a few more ciphers!

It's just me working on this so remember releases will come slow, but your input is always appreciated! Email me with anything! 1drip.dry@gmail.com

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Gematria Calculator 0.3

Updated: 2017-12-06 (2 years ago)

0.3 (3) 2018-06-28