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A relaxing logical game different than other games with gems. NOT like Bejeweled

Version1.06 (6)
UpdatedOct 08, 2017 (3 years ago)
CategoryGames, Casual

GEmpathy is on Youtube: search for vlexApps channel.

The main goal of the game is to move the green gem to the extruded field on the top side of the playing field, avoiding obstacles (immovable red gems) and using gems with different colors for other benefits like extra score, more room for moves etc. For example, yellow gems are there to unlock level exits, orange gems bring extra score, moves, time and TNT, and white gems disappear when aligned, and remove any red gems located in their immediate vicinity.
The TNT option is used to remove any selected red gem in order to make more free room for moves, and is very important on higher levels, but it should be used wisely because it can only be activated a limited number of times.
Movement can be either horizontal or vertical, and only by one square of the playing field. You can move a single gem or a group, by tapping a gem and dragging, provided there is enough room for the move and the path is not blocked by a red gem.
There are 21 randomly generated levels in the game, and they get more difficult as they progress.
In order to unlock a level exit, the green gem and yellow gem must be located next to each other, and lined up horizontally or vertically, which will make the yellow gem disappear and unlock the exit. Lining up green and orange gems will make orange gem disappear, and bring a bonus to the player.

Look for in-game footage on vlexApps youtube channel or check it out directly from the video above.

Email: freelancer777@gmx.com

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