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Science is generally difficult subject for matrices arts group students. I tried to arrange all the contents in easy and natural way. General Science 9 English Medium is designed for 9th class English medium students arts groups. Teacher can take benefits of this material in lectures and Quiz papers making. Now students are not necessary to buy books from store, just download 9th class books from our store. These books are totally FREE to download! Offline without ads can work properly. Book is written using simple English grammar rules. Simple english language is used to sum up the app General Science 9 English. The independent over view of different scholars added.

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Chapters included in General Science 9 English:
1. Introduction and role of Science
* History of science
* Concept of science in Islam
* Contribution of Muslims and Pakistani scientists
* Branches of Science
* Limitations of current science
* Definition of science
* science direct
* science daily life facts
2. Our life and Chemistry
* The basic building elements of our life
* Importance of Carbon, Oxygen and Hydrogen
* Allotropic forms of carbon
* Organic Chemistry
* Properties of water
* chemistry definitions
* chemistry books
* Chemistry notes
* Branches of chemistry
* Organic chemistry
* Physical chemistry
* Chemistry topics
3. Biochemistry and Biotechnology
* Metabolism
* Digestion
* Protein Metabolism
* Enzymes
* Blood and its function
* Blood groups
* DNA as Hereditary Material
* Genetic Engineering
* Bio-chemistry definition
* Bio chemistry test
* Biochemistry examples
* Biochemistry books
* biotechnology applications
* biotechnology examples
* biotechnology career
* biotechnology jobs salary
4. Human Health
* Food and its major components
* Water, Hydrocarbons, Vitamins, Minerals
* Food and Energy
* Balanced diet
* Exercise and Health
* Good Health Tips
* First Aids
* Health and fitness
* Health quotes, healthy exercise
* Importance of health
5. Diseases, Causes and prevention
* Viral diseases
* Polio, Infuenza
* Hepatitis, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C
* Spread of Germs
* Protections from Germs
* ebola infection
* legionnaires disease
* diseases definition
* diseases synonym
* infectious diseases
* types of diseases
* names of diseases
* human diseases list
* list of common diseases
* disease examples
* categories of diseases
* common diseases in humans
6. Environment and Natural Resources
* Earth's Atmosphere
* Composition of Atmosphere
* Different Layers of Atmosphere
* Ozone layer
* Greenhouse effect
* Environmental Polution
* Types of Polution
* Air Polution
* Water Polutuion
* Land Polution
* Minerals and Fossil Fuels
* Agriculture and crops of Pakistan
* Dairy and Poultry Forming
* Fisheries
* Wildlife and National Parks
* Increase in Population
* environmental definition
* types of environment
* components of environment
* define environmental science
* importance of environment
* types of natural resources
* importance of natural resources
* natural resources of india
* natural resources of Pakistan
* natural resources list

Syllabus Coverage of:

Lahore Board
Sahiwal Board
Rawalpindi Board
Islamabad Board
Azad Kashmir Boards
Sindh Board
Karachi Boards
FBISE Federal Board
KPK boards
ncert solutions 9th class GS
Andhra Pradesh Board of Secondary Education
Andhra Pradesh Open School Society
Board of Secondary Education, Assam
Assam Higher Secondary Education Council
Bihar Board of Open Schooling & Examination
Central Board of Education, Ajmer, Delhi
Council Of Secondary Education Mohali
Grameen Mukt Vidhyalayi Shiksha Sansthan (GMVSS)
Goa Board of Secondary & Higher Secondary Education
Gujarat State Open School
Haryana State Open School
Himachal Pradesh State Open School
Jammu and Kashmir State Board of School Education

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