GeoBoard: puzzle for kids drawing lines shapes APK

Teach your children creative and mathematical thinking by making figures

Version0.9.8 (14)
UpdatedJul 09, 2020 (6 months ago)
DeveloperFive Systems Development
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Geoboard is an excellent puzzle game for kids and adults to use geoboard and develop their attention, logic, coordination and mathematical thinking. We were inspired to create this game by physical analogue of the geoboard game that pupils of 1st grade use to learn creativity, colors and mathematical thinking. Geoboard game is half mathematical and half artistic puzzle game. From mathematics you have a coordinates geoboard and sample that your kid needs to repeat by using minimum moves. From art we have a mode where you or your kid should use your imagination and creativity to create picture of the object yourself.

Geoboard is a puzzle with several complexity levels where we have boards (geoboards) that start from 3x3 size to 10x10 size. Every complexity level has a lot of prepared samples that kids need to build using lines and colors. Your kid is growing his creativity and logic starting from simple levels and boards and then going to create objects that are very complicated and have many lines and colors. Game has beautiful graphics with a lot of colors. Kids feel like artists when creating objects by line from predefined graphic samples. Kids feel like mathematicians, designers and logics as well as they create new things by drawing lines and repeating the sample.

Besides predefined samples of object that kids need to build by drawing lines we have mode of operation when kids can create their own things. We have list of predefined tasks that are written as words that name objects for building. Also you can ask your children to build own objects using their imagination and mathematical thinking.

We hope that Geoboard will be very useful puzzle game for your kids that will help to build their mathematical thinking and logic. Geoboard is a proven instrument to teach kids coordinates, logic and creativity. We believe this digital analogue will be even better instrument in our digital time when kids are addicted about devices and games.

What's New

Dear users! You are welcome to download our new GeoBoard update! Big news, we have added the creative mode and now you can create your own designs! Develop your talents, upgrade your skills, and creative thinking! Now playing will be even more fun! Enjoy and looking forward to your comments and feedbacks!

Email: sergeyk@fivesysdev.com

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