GeoDataWorks Live APK

This application acts as a geolocation beacon for display on a custom web map

Version1.1.0 (5)
UpdatedMay 08, 2019 (1 year ago)
CategoryApps, Maps & Navigation

You can finally create a beautiful map view for your public events or private dashboards. This app allows you to see the real time location of people in the field, drivers in a fleet or racers on a course. Utilize the cost effective GPS devices common to everyone as the geolocation beacon on a hosted map that can be shared or viewed privately.

This app simply acts as the GPS client feeding its location into a real time database, view able on the web. Visit https://GeoData.Works for more information on how to create your custom solutions or use one of the default maps to test it out.

Track locations at https://Live.GeoData.Works

GDW Live and the GeoDataWorks service offers a unique combination of real time location updates, of multiple assets in the field, on a single, custom, web map view. Combine with your organization's own geographic data as points or areas on the underlying base map.

Privacy policy: https://geodata.works/privacy-policy/

The application prominently displays a notification that your location is being shared and offers easy access to stop sharing your location when you so choose.

Email: info@geodata.works

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