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Be a GEOLOGIST! Pick up tools and dig deep for ancient buried treasure in Earth!

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Hey guys! If you are found of minerals and love to collect ancient ores and different hidden rocks and processed to extract the elements of interest from that then this Geologist Invention Of Ores is for you.Its adventure! Of course very difficult and many problem during finding and refining these rocks but do not worry about we would give you a complete guide how to dig them, refine them and extract the ore of your interest and benefit.

In this game our core focus is on ORES (METALS), so make yourself to ready for finding Coal, Silver, Rubies, Gold, Diamond and Iron.We would not only to dig these ores but we have to refine them and use these to generate Electricity, make pots, Jewellery (Rings , Necklaces and Crowns) and branded Cars.Lets users make sure these tools and safety precautions because your health, life and you yourself is more precious so be careful and do each activity with care and mutually discussion with your senior GEOLOGIST.

Tools : Shovels, Chicels, Hammers, Snuffers, Draglines,Surface mining tool, Loader & haul truck, Power plant, Bunches, Metal detectors,Drillings, Sluice boxes & pans, Anodes, Cathodes, Batteries, Beakers, Stirrers, Lamps, Filters, Pans, Furnaces.

Dig coal and genrate Electricity
Mine the Silver and make pots
Find Rubies and design Rings
Extract gold and make Necklace
Refine Diamond and make Crown
Furnace the iron and make branded Cars

How to play

We as a team plan to go for a mining adventure with our instructor, first we would visit different places in the world and finally we decide the area , place which is better to dig ,then we take our haul truck with us and cut the mountain and use our specific tools for certain Ore that we are digging for then we would refine it in our laboratories and after that we would use it.

User Guidelines

There are so many different challenges, so many different skills an digger needs to become a world-famous geologist you'll learn each and every one - and you'll have the most fun doing it! So come on, grab your tools and get on the mountain, we are founding metals hope we would get a great success in our mission!

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