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Jan 14, 2021
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Gift Card – Free Wallet Codes APP

Complete the tasks given to you, collect the points and get the wallets code of the platform you want for free. Install GiftCard now to get the wallet codes of Google Play, Amazon, Steam and dozens of platforms for free!
Thanks to the system you can have fun while winning rewards; you will get whichever Wallet Code you want quickly. Get the wallet codes and gift cards of the dozens of platforms just by playing games! Reach the certain level in the game given to you, win the rewards!

You can buy all of the paid games or get diamond, gold and various game coins with Google Play Wallet Code. You can get two different wallet codes as $25 and $50 from GiftCard stores for free. You can use Google Play Wallet Code in and other games which offer in-game shopping.
You can do shopping from the world's largest e-commerce site with Amazon Wallet Code for free. Moreover, it’s all for free!

You can use Steam Wallet Codes for all the games involved in the Steam Game world. You can do in-game shopping as per the wallet balance you bought or buy new games. You can use it in the games like CS:GO.
All you need to do for getting free is to complete the tasks! You can also invite your friends with the reference system.
While you get 5 GP, the users who signed up with your reference get 5 GP as well.

Wallet codes and gift cards you get with 100% user satisfaction are instantly transferred to your account.

Application Features
• 7/24 Support Service
• Easy and Fast GP Earning
• Fair Reward System
• Reference System
• Constantly Updated and Cheap Store
• Special Offers and Survey System
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