Glint Finder & Glint Detector "Camera Detector" APK

A Glint Finder Or A Glint Detector is an app which Detect Hidden Camera Devices

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UpdatedFeb 02, 2019 (2 years ago)
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Glint Finder is an app that able you find a glint in your area it may be a camera or a spy device
With Glint Detector you will be able to detect hidden camera and hidden microphone as well with the hidden camera detection
Hidden device detector, Spy Camera Detector free 2018 app can even be helpful for looking microelectronic devices like , phones mobile, TVs laptop, hidden video camera, Hidden camera 2019 Founder-spy detector, spy, detect, spy detector, metal detector ,spy tools private camera will simply realize by clicking on the scanning button a hidden camera detection.

Glint Finder uses the same principle as the tools used by professionals to help search for and find the lens glint given off by hidden spy camera optics.
- Set the device's flash rate in cycles per second (Hz).
- Adjust device's flash duty cycle.A hidden camera detection
- Toggle the image polarity to help highlight glints.
The lens optics of hidden cameras produce specular reflection when illuminated with a flash. These retro-reflections show up as highlights or hotspots in the image that stand out as the flash toggles on and off. These are tell-tales used by skilled operators to sweep meeting areas and indoor rooms for hidden cameras.

With hidden camera finder and hidden camera detector x you can find hidden cameras and locate transparent spy camera. Hidden camera detector x has built in anti camera protection. propane detector , propane leak detector. Shrouded camera and spy video camera can be easily shrouded in real life objects like lamp, TV, fan etc to record your
secrete video and secret pictures.

Spy hidden camera finder (hcd) act as anti spy gadget to provide you anti spy protection. This anti spy gadget and hidden camera detector x hcd and spy hidden camera finder has automatic activity sensor feature.propane detector , propane leak detector . Automatic activity sensor will alert you if some is spying on you and your secret phone data.

How to use anti spy camera protection and hidden camera finder hcd

Hidden camera detector x and spy camera detector and spy hidden camera detector is simple to use. propane detector , propane leak detector app. also know as shrouded camera detector.

1 . Open detect camera Option and start scanning and find hidden eye : catch thief. It will detect transparent spy camera and other shrouded camera .

spy video camera can also be find with this anti spy gadget and works as propane detector, propane leak detector .

2. Infrared camera detector feature can be used to find hidden infrared camera and to catch hidden eye : catch thief. This built in anti camera protection works fine 100 percent.

3. Anti Spy feature will raise an alarm if some one is touching your phone and spying your phone.
spy hidden camera finder works on all devices. and spy video devices. and other spy gadget.

Email: fisun16bayar@gmail.com

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