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GlobalHuntr is sharing social network that inspires and connects hunters.

Google Playcom.teamcubate.huntr
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DeveloperMartin Bjerre
Version1.2.0 (10)
UpdatedJan 09, 2020 (3 months ago)


GlobalHuntr’s ambition is to provide a photo, story and video-sharing social network that inspires and connects hunters globally. The app is build around three key functionalities:

HUNTING PROFILE provides our users a platform where they can structure and save their hunting pictures, videos and experiences ensuring all hunting memories are saved in one easily accessible place.

CONTENT SHARING addresses the needs of many hunters enabling them to share experiences, and get inspiration, from other hunters in a closed community.

WORLD MAP is an inspirational function for the international segment where hunters can find inspiration for next hunting adventures.



The team behind GlobalHuntr are operating with the highest level of ethics. Therefore, it is very important to underline the following: ALL content must be of species that are under law and categorized as game species by specific countries governments. Users need to accept GlobalHuntr’s TERMS OF SERVICES before a profile can be created.


FEED FUNCTION is the first page new users are directed to when opening GlobalHuntr. The function allows users to browse other hunters journals and share own hunting journals with all the other users on GlobalHuntr. The core functionalities of the feed are as follows:

• Uploaded pictures and videos will be visible under the feed function together with upload date, number of comments and likes

• Users need to open the actual journal to see additional journal content; full title, description, location, tagged hunters and rating

• Users can comment / like all posts visible under the feed function

• Users can stalk(follow) / Unstalk (unfollow) any profile they encounter

• Users can tag other users in a specific journal in the comment function (@userA) if they want that person to see a specific journal

The user can choose between viewing content of hunters they are stalking or of all journals posted globally. The feed is chronologically listed by the NEWEST, HOTTEST (most likes/comments past month) or TOP-RATED journal (most likes / comments the past year).

CREATE JOURNAL is the middle icon on the main navigation bar where users can create a new journal.

To create a journal, users must update the following points; Title, picture and/or video, filter(optional), description, tag hunters (optional), rate hunt and place hunting location with pin on map (placed with use of geolocation if available).

PROFILE PAGE is a core functionality of GlobalHuntr, it provides users with an easily accessible place to store all hunting experiences in historic order, saving all relevant information. Other functionalities on the profile page are as follows; Overview of total number of created journals, hunters who are stalking the user and hunters the user is stalking. A personal world map where all the user’s journals can be viewed. A notification center showing a list of all activity on the user’s profile. A possibility to edit or delete any formerly created journal. The opportunity to edit profile, get help, read about GlobalHuntr and log out. Finally, a consolidation of all journals the user has created and all journals the user has been tagged in.

WORLD MAP function will provide users with an overview of all hunting journals / opportunities around the world. Users can search specific locations where other hunters have created a journal, see what they have been hunting and how they have rated the specific hunting area. Clicking on a specific pin the user can see the first uploaded picture or video together with the title in a pop-up box, if clicked the relevant journal will open so the user can see full content.

INVITE / SEARCH function gives hunters the opportunity to search for existing GlobalHuntr profiles. Also, it enables the user to invite friends via email, it gives the possibility to build and expand ones network.


Latest Version

1.2.0 (10) Jan 09, 2020

Other versions

armeabi-v7a, x86, ...Jan 09, 2020
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