GO Code is the new 21st century code to find places anywhere in Ghana.

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GO Code is the new 21st century postal addressing and location code that can be used to address or find places anywhere in Ghana.

When you run GO Code on your smartphone or tablet, you can see on the screen where your current location is and its GO Code appears on screen that you then share by SMS, email, Facebook, WhatsApp and many more - then they can see your location on their smartphone or look it up on the web at www.gocode.gh

GO Code is more accurate, simpler and cheaper to use than traditional addresses or postcodes as you can identify locations from the code alone and without accessing a database to within 10 metres accuracy with GPS enable smartphones and tablets. And of course since it actually represents the geo-coordinates of a location it’s easier to find using satnav.

With the app, you can move the map around on screen and target the place for which you want to get a GO Code, hit a button and the GO Code for that place appears.

You can enter a GO Code that someone else gives you, save it with your own description, and recall it when you want.

If you have other satnav software application installed you can enter a GO Code and navigate to it with your preferred satnav software application.

Let others know where you are - they can look it up on the web at www.gocode.gh. Let friends know where a restaurant, pub or nightclub is. Tell your players and their parents where the playing pitch is at the weekend - no more getting lost as kick-off time approaches. And if your house is one of those hard to find places, give your GO Code to the delivery company tell them to look at the www.gocode.gh website or use the GO Code app themselves and they’ll find you quickly and easily.

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