Explore the underwater world and catch many fish in this casual fishing game!


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Feb 20, 2024

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Go Fishing - by Coolmath Games GAME

It's time to go fishing! Cast your line into the sea to catch as many fish as you can and discover amazing fish species in this fun and casual fishing game!

This challenging and fun fishing game features ever familiar and simple fishing mechanics. The sea is full of curious animals, so cast your fishing line and discover all the fish species that inhabit the beautiful ocean in this casual fishing game! Test your fishing skills and play anytime!

Explore an underwater world with this fun casual fishing game. Collect coins to upgrade your fishing pole and hook to be able to reach fish in the depths of the sea. At the bottom of the sea, you’ll discover new and exciting fish species to add to your collection. Enjoy catching as many fish as you can!

This mobile fishing game has simple mechanics that players of all ages can understand and play easily. Do you want to start fishing? First you will test your accuracy: tap at the right moment to make a perfect cast and start catching fish. When the bear throws the fishing rod into the sea, drag your finger left and right to move the fishing line and catch fish on your hook. Catch valuable fish to earn more coins to upgrade you fishing kit. Discover and unlock new fish species and keep your eye out for elusive and lucrative golden fish! 🐡

At the beginning of the game, the bear doesn’t throw the fishing rod very deep and you can only catch a small amount of fish, but as you beat the levels and sell the fish you catch, you’ll earn money to upgrade your skills and become a better fisherman. Purchase upgrades to improve your net to catch more fish and reach greater depths. Be fast and accurate catching fish and earn lots of coins to become the world’s best fisherman!

Fishing Game Features
🐠 Casual fishing game
🐠 Fishing mini games
🐠 Catch as many fish as you can to add to your fish collection
🐠 Upgrade your fishing pole to catch more fish
🐠 Relaxing, free offline entertainment
🐠 Cast your line over and over for hours of fishing fun
🐠 Easier gameplay mechanics than other fishing games

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