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God Simulator - Sandbox Mod & Open World APK

God Simulator - Sandbox Mod & Open World


Download God Simulator - Sandbox APK Mod & Open World for Android - Free - Latest Version

Latest Version

NameGod Simulator - Sandbox APK
Version1.1.1 (15)
UpdatedOct 21, 2020
CategoryGames, Simulation

God Simulator - Sandbox Mod & Open World Game

Play simulator games for the mighty God! Create worlds, inhabit them, or destroy

Feel yourself an almighty God! Walk the path from the greatest world creation to complete destruction of earth with the game of Sandbox genre - God Simulator!

You always wanted to create your own unbelievable universe and rule it as you wish? Now you have a chance to craft the empires which can be evoluted or destructed with one snap of your fingers. Ready to be a creator?

Our Sandbox simulator suggests starting to create a civilization from a scratch: choose a land type (sand, forest, water), populate the earth with humans and animals, watch your evolution development. Which strategy would you choose for people: a peaceful life in comfort conditions or an eerie apocalypse?

God Simulator is the easiest way to develop the creativity of people of all ages. You will be endowed with extraordinary power to decide how your cities will be living. Constant help to their people through planting trees, adding domestic and wild animals, invoking the forces of nature to make the weather favorable for the harvest will form a real utopia for civilizations. But if it seems to you that human life is too "sweet" dilute it with a drop of failure! Summon an earthquake, target your universe with a plague, make your men living in fear next to hordes of zombies and terrible destruction.
Sandbox games features:

👐Complete freedom of action✨

Use convenient tools in to create your own perfect world. Simple navigation will help you quickly and interestingly edit your civilizations, add and remove the necessary elements.

🌴All kinds of tools for terraforming🌊

Choose from dozens of tools in God Simulator to create a unique planet, experiment with the sizes and shapes of brushes to edit lands. Have fun in a Sandbox game making your own tropical islands surrounded by endless oceans. Resize the map for easy observation of evolution.

⚒Pixel graphics⛏

Colorful pixel art used in our game reduces eye strain and makes you relaxing after a hard working day. You don't need to focus on specific details to understand what's going on in your empire. Everything is done in the simplest and most convenient way.

⚔️Enormous types of global & local destruction⚔️

Add some spice to your Sandbox universe life! Drop lava rain on the planet or build a zombie house near the settlement. Do you want to do in God Simulator without natural disasters? Destroy the utopia of cities in life simulator with gruesome epic battles between settlers. Let the once happy village turn into a battleground.

🌍Vast open world🍀

Freely expand your territories by means of an unlimited number of inhabitants, as well as creating valuable resources and adding new animals of different types. How many civilizations in a Sandbox game can you make?

✈️Play world sandbox without the Internet🚄

God Simulator is a game perfectly working offline. Now you don't have to worry about your favorite game being unavailable while traveling. Flying in an airplane or while traveling by train - use your Sandbox game whenever your want.

All of these features will help you to craft a one of a kind perfect world from very small particles. All actions, upgrades and craftings will be controlled only by you. It will be in your power to summon a hero to help the inhabitants, who will fight against the zombie army. Or build a huge settlement, in which the avengers will attack neighboring cities and towns, ruining entire empires.

In the Sandbox simulation games, you are the god of the world, and each of your actions affects the development of the planet. Only you decide what it will be!
Fill your planet with life or destroy cities and entire continents with one touch in God Simulator. What kind of god in simulator games will you become?
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