Golden American Hawk Theme APK

Gold eagle minimalist theme landscaping your desktop

Version1.1.4 (10104)
UpdatedMay 19, 2018 (2 years ago)
DeveloperMarty Koester
CategoryApps, Personalization

Features are:
【1】golden tercel theme has a 3D dynamic digital information age, the development of electronic communications is very advanced and convenient, through a highly developed network to narrow the link between cowboy;
【2】Gold feather theme has 3D touch of beautiful silver metal, platinum appearance, noble and luxurious simple design, a symbol of successful business man, is the identity and distinguished logo;
【3】Huge shiny steel robots, holding the latest and most fashionable information, the theme is running in good control, cute robot is full of positive energy;
【4】Bright lights illuminate the transparent glass, shinning like the moonlight and stars in the universe, guiding the direction of scientific and technological development, the efforts of scientists and perseverance in order to overcome the difficulties to create the latest technological inventions;
【5】Cold golden pet like a palette full of artistic sense, light and transparent wallpaper is precious as the historical collection, with lovely children's innocent
【6】Rounded globe, show the appearance of small earth, the earth has the ocean and the land, the mysterious planet proudly exists in the Milky Way , to maintain the vitality and passion with smart human being's innovation;
【7】Hero is also the crystallization of human wisdom, people through programming, writing procedures to produce the product, robots can be very good to help people share the work and housework, become the best friends and family;
【8】the computer is pure and clear as water and crystal , the network developed quickly,transparent like diamonds , pass the forefront news and information to everyone's side successfully;
【9】Metal steel robots are as hard as iron, protect homes and friends, defeat enemies and monsters, fight back zombies and aliens, like heroes in novels and science fiction movies, accept blessings from fans all over the world;
【10】Electronic digital era, the computer make the communication and exchange between people more and more convenient.
☆ how to apply this high-tech network keyboard heme ?
♦ The new clock weather in pure clear and clean way to let you see the nice week weather better future and happy mood.
Theme software game application center for you to choose the hottest game software and other mobile phone housekeeper cleaning master application lock flashlight clock and so are interesting and practical.
Sound effects of rock music and unique personalized design of the dynamic sound theme to make your phone super coolThe new clock weather in pure clear and clean way to let you see the nice week weather better future and happy mood.
♦ Download this personality theme , click the install button to successfully apply the theme to your Samsung / Huawei Android phone.
Please take the time to rate and comment on your comments will help us to improve and create a fashion and beautiful personalized theme!
main characteristics:
◇ Fashion mobile phone theme application concept can also be reminded to keep up with the trend,also remind people of keeping healthy body and happy mood,offering the coolest and most diverse themes and plug-in support
◇ High-tech gesture support and intelligent voice support,personalized design of the toolbar and a variety of shortcut keys to enhance your taste and knowledge
◇ in the application store can also be found in cool street graffiti and golden rose painting and other fashion perfect theme application

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