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The golden words of being polite: Thank you, Sorry, May I, Please, Excuse me. The golden words which bring a smile on every face. Have we ever said them to our parents? There must be many times when we were unreasonable with them throughout our growing up years which we never really think about. Now when we have become parents ourselves we realise how right their advises were. Before it gets too late we must say these golden words to our parents which we keep teaching our children. Here are those five golden words which before teaching our children we must say to our parents before it is too late.
Excuse me for my ignorance for maturity came to me only when I faced the world on my own. Excuse me for my impatience for patience came to me after being a parent to my kids. Excuse me for all those times when I interrupted you while having a conversation with your friends. Excuse me for all those days when I rashly entered the room and interrupted you while sleeping. Excuse me for being unmindful and disturbing you in your prayers.

There must be a thousand words and a thousand other things which are there in our hearts, a thousand words of gratitude for our wonderful parents which we never said to them. Before teaching our kids we must say it to our parents before it's too late.
1. When the innovations & heretical practices becomes evident in my Ummah it is necessary for the scholar to make his knowledge manifested & open (with regards to making the innovations public) so, curse of Allah be upon the scholar who does not do it.

2. One who starts a morning in a condition that he does not make effort about the affairs of the Muslims is not one of the Muslims. And a person who hears the voice of a man who calls the Muslim to his help but he does not respond him, is not a Muslim.

3. I do not have the fear of neither the faithful not polytheist about my Ummah. However, the faith of the faithful refrains him from harming the Ummah, more over the infidelity of the polytheist will become the cause of his abjectness & repression. But I am afraid about you (being harmed) from the glib tongued hypocrite. He utters by his tongue what you believe is good & practically he does what you consider bad (vices).

4. There is a good deed above each good deed, to the extent that a man is slain on the way of Allah. so when he is slain on the way of Allah then there is no good deed above (better than) it.

5. The one who pleases a ruler with something which is the cause of Allah's fury has gone out of Allah's religion.

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