Gomoku - Back to School APK

Gomoku - Tic Tac Toe five in the row variation (known also as Gobang, Omak)

Version1.8 (11)
UpdatedSep 24, 2018 (2 years ago)
DeveloperKoto Games
CategoryGames, Puzzle

Gomoku - Tic Tac Toe five in the row variation. Most similar Tic Tac Toe games on the market are 'three in a row'. Others have rules limiting your moves, a small grid, or are just too easy.
This Tic Tac Toe/Gomoku game has none of these issues.

It is said that the opening player can always win. If you know the path - try it, if you don't - why not try and find it?

-play against application AI or against your friend on the same device or remotely using Google Game Play Services
-two difficulty levels: easy, normal
-suggest move option
-undo move option
-zoom in/out option
- leaderboards - best players lists!

Gomoku is a strategy board game and traditionally played with Go pieces (black and white stones) on a go board 19 x 19.

Gomoku Back to School will give you the ultimate experience such game can offer.
Must have game for Gomoku and Tic Tac Toe fans. Get Gomoku - Tic Tac Toe Back to School now and let the fun begin! Game also known as Gobang, Omak, Karo, Noughts and Crosses.

Email: tomkot@gmail.com

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