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Escape from the police, get points and unlock all boats! Download now for free!!

Version2.0.1 (27)
UpdatedJul 06, 2016 (4 years ago)
DeveloperBELD Games
CategoryGames, Arcade

Gondola Chase is an addictive arcade boat game which is very popular in The Netherlands, Europe! You are controlling a boat on the open sea and you are involved in a police pursuit! You have to escape from the police boats as long as possible. During your escape you are collecting points, with those points you can unlock new boats!

- How to play?
You are a wanted criminal and your purpose is to dodge police boats on the open sea. You can control your boat by tapping left or right. The map is endless so you can sail in any direction you want. Don’t avoid boosts because boosts give you some extra speed! When you tap on the TNT button, all the police boats that are chasing you, will explode! It will give you a lot of points!

- How to unlock boats?
The longer you manage to avoid the cops the more points you’ll get. With those points you can unlock boats in ‘unlocked boats’. You unlock boats with your score! You can unlock a boat when you recheaed a certain amount of points, for example: if you want to unlock the jetski you need 1000 point! So you DO NOT save coins.
There are different kind of boats: gondola, surfboard, canoe, amphibian vehicle, jetski, spitfire speedboat, bronze gondola, rubber boat, riva speedboat, silver gondola and golden gondola. Every boat has its own speciality, speed and size!

- Continue or retry?
When you are game over you can retry or continue from the point you just went game over. When you tap ‘continue’ you will get an extra life and a new TNT.

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