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Jun 28, 2022
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GoSocial: Online Communities APP

GoSocial is where you discover communities, creators, and events of your interest. Learn new skills by participating in workshop, make rituals and create daily in challenges, and engage with your community in the discussion forums.

😇 Find your favourite online communities
Creators build communities for their fans and followers on GoSocial. You can browse through thousands of communities and join your favourite communities to engage with like minded people and learn new things.

👩‍🏫 Participate in live and interactive online workshops
We bring to you the most exciting and engaging live workshops. You’ll find workshops on gosocial on wide range of topics. GoSocial has workshops on cooking, art, workout, wellness, DIY craft, careers, travel, photography, and more.

😎 Creative Challenges and Prompts
The creative challenges are designed such that you can take longer streaks and practice every day. GoSocial is your no-pressure zone to create on the go without worrying about how your work looks. Because we believe that the most important thing for creators is to never stop creating.

Discover new challenges in art, photography, and writing every day created by popular creators and professionals. Take a challenge of 5 days or 7 days or even longer and maintain your streak by posting a new picture every day. These challenge streaks will help you improve your creativity and skills.

🗓️ Streaks are a fun way to make ritual and create every day
Pick the number of days you want to take a challenge for and create every day to maintain your streaks. Pick 1 to 5 days streak for trying out a creative idea or genre. Take a 1 to 2 weeks long streak to experiment. Take 1 month-long streak to completely learn it. Take a 6-month long streak to master the skill. And if you want to have a creative ritual of your own, take a one-year-long streak to make it a part of your daily routine.

👩‍🎨 Learn From Experts
Challenges are designed by expert photography bloggers, travelers, artists, designers, storytellers, and YouTubers. They bring hands of experience of doing street photography, travel photography, landscape photography, photo editing, candid photography, design, art, story writing, storytelling, poetry, sketching, etc. The challenges will help you discover new genres and push you to try out new techniques.

🔥 GoSocial is building the future of creator economy

Our commitment towards creator economy:
GoSocial's aim is to enable creators to build meaningful communities of their true fans and followers. We are building the GoSocial platform and creator studio to make the monetization and community-building journey easier, more rewarding, engaging, and valuable for the fans and creators.

The creator leads communities on GoSocial will get better and more engaging with features that enable better interaction between fans and creators and also within their communities.
Made in India.

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