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GoTime is easy-to-use. Users can clock in and out and view schedules.

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UpdatedNov 01, 2019 (9 months ago)
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Store associates lead complicated lives. You can write a weekly or monthly labor schedule ahead of time, but if something comes up – someone in the family gets sick, a child needs to be picked up from a game; your perfectly scheduled store associate may not show up, disrupting smooth store operations.

GoTime helps dealing with employee requests and notifications. Examples:

- I’m sick
- What does my schedule look like for next week?
- How much Paid Time Off do I have?
- Can I swap a shift?

These add hours to store managers’ workload. Instead of store managers spending time editing labor schedules and responding to requests, store associates have the freedom and the tools to control their schedules within business rules.

GoTime allows associates to view their:

- Weekly/monthly schedules
- Add/edit their time-off requests
- View their accrual balances
- Request PTO
- View timecard details, such as raw punches, audit, special pay, and warnings.

Beyond the technical benefits that GoTime provides associates and managers, GoTime also modernizes employee engagement. As Millennials and younger generations become a greater proportion of the workforce, they demand the tools to have a better work-life balance. GoTime is a step in the right direction to better engage and better equip these newer workers to remain engaged, enthusiastic, and ambitious in a retail environment. As Millennial workers feel they have greater control over their schedules and work-life balance, their loyalty to the company increases.

At the end of the day, store managers still hold responsibility for what happens in their stores. After shift-swaps or shift-requests are made and accepted by store associates, all the information is provided to store managers to make the final decision. Store managers can see things such as the skills and certifications that the associates requesting the swap have. Managers, taking all the information into account, make the final decision for approving the changes if they are in the best interest of the store.

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