GoVerifyID protects customer assets using biometric verification

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GoVerifyID is a biometric authentication application used by businesses—such as banks, secure websites, and the healthcare industry—to protect customer assets and personal information. Using a customer's unique attributes such as their voice print or facial contours, GoVerifyID provides businesses and their customers an unprecedented level of security and asset protection.

GoVerifyID operates through a secure portal that is completely external to the business website and returns only user authentication success or failure results to the primary website. Customer biometric details are never tied to their personally identifiable information, adding another level of seicurity, out-of-band.

When a business detects potentially fraudulent activity, the customer is sent a notification on their registered mobile device. The customer can consent to the alerted activity by providing matching biometric details such as a spoken passphrase or face match, or reject the activity as fraud.

Even if a fraudulent user had access to the registered mobile device, they cannot provide the correct, matching biometric authentication for any protected activity.

Regional Versions of GoVerifyID
ImageWare provides different versions of GoVerifyID for use in specific geographic regions. This allows organizations to select the version appropriate for their systems, in order to reduce internet delays, and to store biometric data within their own region for privacy concerns. ImageWare recommends that companies use the GoVerifyID version designated appropriate for their region.

This version of GoVerifyID provides the fastest communication for companies located in North America, Central America, and South America by utilizing cloud servers based within the United States.

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