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Dec 21, 2017
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GPRS Mobile App Connects you with your mobile phone and your Friends & Family phones.

GPRS Mobile is the app you need to install and run on the mobile you wish to track. It can be a phone of yours or your Friends & Family mobile phone so you can be able to view them and track them. If the phone you wish to track doesn't belong to you, you need permission of the person of the phone you wish to track.

Step by Step Instructions.

Create an account at

You need to have an account with our tracking platform. You can create one and test it for free for 15 days at

Your registration is made with a valid email address. You will receive an email with your password. Your email and that password will be used to access the mobile tracking app.

On the smartphone you wish to track:

1. Download GPRS Mobile app on the smartphone you want to track.

2. Enter the email you registered at and the password you received. (screenshot 2).

3. Accept the following requests (screenshots 3 & 4)

4. To start tracking the smartphone please press on START TRACKING icon of the app (screenshot 5)

5. Please take note of your ID (screenshot 5). You will need to entwer it in GPRS app on your mobile phone to be able to track that smartphone.

If you need to stop tracking that smartphone, please press on the icon STOP TRACKING (screenshot 6)

In order to be able to track a mobile phone, it should have the GPS function activated. If for any reason GPS is not active, you will not be able to track the phone. You don't need to have GPS active on your phone.

On your smartphone:

Download the GPRS app on your phone to be able to view and track the mobile phone you have previously installed GPRS Mobile app. You will need the email account you registered with at and password to be able to access the app.

You can find GPRS app here

1. Run the GPRS app and login with the email account and password you received.

2. Tap on the settings icon so the settings window will appear.

3. In Objects tab left bottom corner press +

4. A new window will appear. Give a name to the smartphone (e.g. the name of the person that has that smartphone), enter the code you got from GPRS mobile app (screenshot 5) and press Save.

That’s it! You are can track that smartphone and bring your Friends & Family together!

In order to continue using the mobile tracking service after the 15 days free trial, you need to purchase a subscription in Subscription costs 1,99€ per month.
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