GPS Navigation - Map Locator & Route Planner APK

GPS Navigation - Map Locator & Route Planner


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Latest Version

NameMap Navigation APK
Version7.6.4 (46)
UpdatedSep 24, 2021
DeveloperVideo Downloader - Download Videos - Video Player
CategoryApps, Maps & Navigation

GPS Navigation - Map Locator & Route Planner App

🐾 GPS-navigation route planner, tells shortest route and show on maps.

GPS Navigation is able to offer you a flexible route plan, a great navigator with detailed direction information and accurate real-time location.

GPS Navigation not only can be your best route planner to fit your travel patterns, but also can act as the good role of accurately finding places.

🌟Highlights of GPS Navigation🌟

GPS Route Planner – Not only can Plan the shortest route for you to travel, but also can automatically reroute based on the real-time traffic situation.

GPS Navigation – View the route and let you get to the desired destination with step by step direction, easy and fast.

Places Nearby

Places near me – Find the nearby places in up to 100 types, such as restaurants, gas stations, metro station, ATMs, parking, pharmacies, and etc.

GPS Locator – Locate your live mobile phone location and your real-time location. You can easily share your location to your friends, and you do not need to be worried about you will get lost.

Different map views – Various map types can be chosen, including the normal, terrain, and satellite view. Show you a clearer and more precise street view when you ride, walk, or jog.

GPS Compass - In this map app, there is a dynamic direction arrow, which points the device direction on map. You can easily find the direction on map.

Traffic Alert – Shows you real-time traffic situation, helps you avoid traffic jam, and reminds you not to overspeed by the speed limit sign.

Try and Use this best and useful GPS Navigation - Map Locator & Route Planner. With clear and concise page, it is easily guide you wherever you want to go. Check the traffic situation and get the accurate distance between two destinations at any time. No matter what ways you choose to go out, walk, run, ride or drive, our GPS Navigation - Map Locator & Route Planner will definitely not let you down.

Go to Google Play Store and download GPS Navigation - Map Locator & Route Planner. Enjoy the convenience of getting around brought by this excellent GPS Navigation & Route Planner App.

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