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By placing the target point in the desired location, and then display the positional relationship between the current of his own (distance).
When your use of, thank you to start the application in a state in which to enable the GPS settings.
To launch the app first, for some time, latitude, longitude in information acquisition is the state in which the middle of the ocean is displayed.
When used indoors, because it takes time to position information acquisition from the GPS, screen updates are much slower.
We recommend the use of the outdoors.
Usage [each number in parentheses corresponds to what number from the left of the tab]
· GPS screen [1]
It will display the GPS map.
Once registered the target point from the other screen, is the corresponding location point on the screen, it will be such that the distance between the current of his own with a number above is updated display.
For target point outside the screen, you will see a red marker on the edge of the screen.
Use the compass of the terminal, so you display so that the actual north, south, east and west and the display of the screen is linked, there is error, but will also be the place of the compass.
When you tap the target point in the map, is displayed in the balloon facility name, you will be able to confirm the name.
Display Mode There are two types of the following, Masu switching screen tap.
■ automatic tracking mode
In this mode, your coordinates are always updating the screen to come to the center.
It will see a red triangle in the north, south, east and west.
■ normal display mode
In this mode, your coordinates are not come to the center. You can scroll the screen, you can view the favorite location by or enlargement / reduction. East and West is a mode that does not appear red triangle north and south.
And targets point editing screen [2]
This target point that was registered in the terminal until appears all on the screen.
If you want to remove from the terminal, the confirmation dialog is displayed when you tap the ball, please select the OK.
And targets registration screen [3]
We will register the target point. Address in the text box above or, facility name, please enter the name of the target point with any in the text box below. When the user presses the registration button, it is registered as a target point, it will reflect the content on each screen. (※)
Surroundings facility search [4]
From their current location information, to search around the facility, and are listed in order of proximity from your point.
When you select a pull-down, it is also possible to narrow down to any of the facilities.
As the display contents to the list below
→ A registered selection check box:. I will be specified in the check box to reflect the presence or absence at the time of registration button is pressed.
→ B facility name:. Displays the facility name of the search results.
→ The C Internet cooperation:. When pressed, Google map stop pin the position of the corresponding facilities, will be displayed on the Internet.
(※) facility name, some of which may not be registered for some reason some of the address.
Ads will appear in the bottom app.
GPS information is error occurs about 20 meters.
This application does not have a Dari charged malicious programs, and the like.
But by any chance this application, as any problem happened to your terminal, since you can not any guarantee, there is no excuse, but please understand.
In addition to this app, various prototypes etc., because it is being published on my HP,
I hope you are doing to come to peep if it is good.

What's New

In order to be able to use even a part of the West, we added a setting screen so that we can choose the unit of distance to display in kilometers / meter or miles / yard.

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