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GPS Speedometer Odometer


Measure speed with high accuracy


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May 13, 2022
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GPS Speedometer Odometer App

Check your current speed with high accuracy via GPS.
The app has a modern and customizable design, with a digital or analog speedometer option. Compatible with kilometers and miles. Set a speed limit and get a warning when you go over it. Measure the distance of your trip. Use while driving your car, bicycle, motorcycle, truck or any vehicle. You can even use the app for hiking and jogging!

All features:
- Digital and analog speedometer
- High accuracy GPS
- Velocity and distance tracker
- Shows the total distance traveled (odometer)
- Shows the distance traveled since opening the app (odometer)
- Shows speeds and distances in kilometers, miles or meters (KM/H, MPH or M/S)
- Change background and text color as you like
- Set a speed limit
- Overspeed warning with light, sound (buzzing) and vibration
- Use your cell phone standing or lying down (portrait or landscape mode)
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