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Free download GPS Toolbox with Live Street Map View Tracking 1.0 apk app latest version for android


GPS Toolbox with Live Street Map View Tracking is the toolkit sheer package of best tool, altimeter compass, sensors GPS diagnostic tool compass altimeter. GPS altimeter lets you know altimeter, position gauge, tool box, GPS elevation and virtually lot android toolbox free tools of your mobile device status. Gain full information about test strips all sensors multi tool supported by all android devices.
Easy to use and comfortable view layout all data of mobile device sensors in real time, make a sensors tests. Analyze data on chart (graphic view) and text output available for each sensor and check a detailed description of each detectors and parameters.
GPS Toolbox with Live Street Map View Tracking app demonstrates all the GPS and sensor data you ever were inquisitive about: position & signal strength of satellites, speed, acceleration, accuracy, altitude, bearing, pitch, moon info, sun info and battery state. Tools provided are likes of flashlight with SOS and Strobe with ultra bright light to make your party shining, GPS compass with magnetic and true north, gps tools free multi tool apps for androids, waypoints that spot or share your location and navigate back later adopting the Radar (especially handy for geocaching, or quickly pointing out your actual position), leveling tool and much more what you need is here. GPS Toolbox with Live Street Map View Tracking bring you all multi tools and sensors device you wish to have in single app: altimeter, NFC reader, GPS compass, thermometer, step counter, sport tracker, Voice navigation, flashlight, mobile location tracker, route finder, speedometer, internet speed meter and much more tools and utilities for android.
This all sensors tool box app allows you access to data from:
- Accelerometer readings (linear acceleration and gravity sensors)
- Magnetometer, circling magnetic field values strength (micro Tesla, µT)
- Gyroscope (Uncalibrated and calibrated)
- Roatation vector, device 3D orientation, proximity sensor
- Step detector and counter, kinetics sensors, Pedometer.
- light sensor (lux, lx), Sun Info, Moon Info
- barometer and altitude, pressure check sensor, relative humidity sensor, temperature sensor
- Location, accuracy, altitude, maps, speed and NMEA GPS data (latitude, longitude, provider, satellites)
- battery status, voltage, temperature, health and technology
- sound level meter and microphone meter (decibel)
- heart rate sensor, NFC sensor and reader
- device front and back camera resolution
- smartphone display size, resolution and technology
- device, phone memory, RAM and CPU parameters
- IMEI number, multi-touch info
and all the others sensors possibly available in your android device.

Download GPS Toolbox with Live Street Map View Tracking and enjoy using all GPS features with minimal battery usage!
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- Minor bug fixes
- Configuration list of sensors
- For better performance allow permission for

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