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Jan 13, 2019

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Grade Tracker Pro (Free) APP

Track your Grades, plan your Assignments, and manage your Schedule through multiple semesters, complete with robust GPA calculation, custom grading scales, and more!

Grade Tracker Pro has grown from a simple grade calculator into a complete school management solution and organizer. Whether you need class scheduling, quick and simple grade entry, or complex grade management and assignment tracking, this app has your back. Perfect for high school and college/university students!

Grade and GPA Tracking -- Averages and GPA by career, semester, course, and category.
Assignment Planning -- Schedule your assignments on the calendar and mark them complete or add grades when done.
Schedule Management -- Set your course schedule and location on the calendar so you never miss a class!
Custom Grade Scales -- Choose from 4 default scales or create your own for letter grades and GPA!
Grade and Final Exam Prediction -- What do you need to score in order to get an A? The robust Grade Calculator will tell you this and more!
Easy Course Setup -- A stylish wizard helps you set up your courses by Points or Percentages
Easy Grade Entry -- Enter as a percentage or fraction. Give a title (or default), date, and description.
Automatic Data Backup* -- Grades automatically backed up and restored on most devices.
Manual Data Backup -- Grades can be manually backed up and restored on all devices!
Pretty Colors -- Courses and Grades are subtly color-coded. Because pretty.
Dropped Grades -- Mark a grade as "dropped" in order to record it but ignore in calculations.
Extra Credit -- Adjust category or course averages with extra credit.
Weighted Categories -- Define the weights of your categories (quizzes, tests, etc.)
Weighted Grades by Points -- Toggle this option upon course creation or in the Category menu.
Grade Editing -- Update your grade, remove it, add notes, change the date, whatever!
Rounding -- Optional, if you get a, 89.88% in your course, you might want to round up!
Accounting for Old GPA -- You can account for GPA you've earned in previous semesters so that your Career GPA stays accurate!
Multiple Semester Support -- Use this app for multiple semesters or go add some grades from last semester. You have complete flexibility and the app handles it all.
And More! -- I have worked hard to make this grade tracker easy yet full of features, the best personal grade book on the market!

Enjoy this tool for school! Study hard as you manage your schoolwork and take advantage of this virtual school assistant, whether you're in high school or university. Remember, life is about good grades and/or lots of other things.

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*Automatic grade backup is supported on certain devices. See the FAQ in the app for more info.
Permissions required:
--Write log files
--Write to external storage (for emailing backup and log files)
--Internet. This allows premium features and helps me catch bugs and know where to focus my efforts. Internet is not required to use the app.
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