Get better grades in school by orgainsing homework and grades with this app!

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Free download GradePlace - Better Grades with Homework Planer apk app latest version for android


GradePlace is the perfect organizer for your school life!

Get better grades with less work just by orgainsing your school life.

Great athletes track their stats - why shouldn't great students do?

Key Benefits:
- Get reminded of homework so you will not forget any homework
- Keep track of your grades so you know what final grades you will recieve
- This makes it easy to see what grades are already good and where you have to improve
- other statistics are automatically calculated so you don't have to do any maths outside of school

--> You can save homework and grades, calculate your average, and set reminders. Your personal school manager and homework planner- always on your smartphone.

- Quickly add homework and recieve notifications
- Save grades and homework
- Give partial grades and calculate your final grade in advance
- The statistics of your grades
- Easy to understand, quick to use - so you're always up to date
- Automatically calculates your average grade

GradePlace can be divided into three parts:
- A homework agenda, so you'll never forget your homeworks in maths or any other subject again
- A ''GradeBook" to keep your grades organised so you always have an overview
- A statistics page(average, highest, lowest, and much more...)

It's like a digital homework agenda with grades in it. Try it out!

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GradePlace - Better Grades with Homework Planer

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