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This app will give you and idea inspirai ubtuk create graffiti art anywhere.
Graffiti is art activities that use the composition of color, line, shape and volume to write certain words on the wall. The tools used are usually spray paint cans (Pilox) .Walaupun with the skill and equipment that is still simple, the concept paper and the wall became the most secure media to express opinions in secret at the time.
The term graffiti itself is taken from the Latin, meaning Graphium writing. Originally the term was used by archaeologists to define the writings of the ancient buildings of ancient Egyptians and Romans.

Graffiti itself is: An artistic creations expressed by the artists through the medium of a concrete wall or medium wood walls and concrete that can be painted in the form of letters, pictures that have a particular meaning as the outpouring of the heart that makes her pour it in the form of text and images so who usually wear such as liquid dye pilox paint or to receive compressor air brush

Graffiti is not just one kind. There are many kinds, but basically, the types of graffiti bisadibagi into 3 form below.

1. Graffiti tagging
This type of graffiti style was born in Philadelphia in the 1960s. Spearheaded by Cornbread and Cool Earl. Because only tagging, graffiti usually this kind only in the form of some kind of signature of the graffiti artist in venues throughout the city. One of the best known is TAKI 183, a graffiti artist from New York who marked the entire city of New York (which is unusual in its path with his signature, TAKI 183 earlier). After the entry profile media, many young NY then follow the style graffiti.

2. Bombing
In the world per-graffitian, "bombing" is often referred to as activities of vandalism, because usually bomber (a term for people who carry out bombing) put a logo or mark in places where others' (without the permission of course). Bombing shape can vary, but all happens illegally.

3. Graffiti-based spot
Subway graffiti, usually in foreign countries targeted in the first place makers are graffiti on the subway, especially in the area of ​​New York. The name for graffiti done in subway disparate, ranging from panel piece (pictured at the bottom of the train window from door to door), coverall (in all parts including the window) until whole trains (train everyone carriages 8-10).

Well, though it seems damaging the beauty of the environment and adds to the cost of maintenance, graffiti is also commendable tablets. However, do not arbitrarily yes for drawing graffiti on walls. Be maker graffiti responsible. Maybe if necessary, any city can make a similar area to accommodate the children graffiti for his talents and not just harm a region.

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