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Horoscope of a native indicate both short terms diseases,long terms diseases.

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Though it may sound strange, planets do have connection with the diseases which are likely to be faced by an individual in one's life.

Long term diseases are the diseases which a native has to suffer for a long period or through out one's life.
Malefic planets exert their negative influence on a person's health and benefic planets help him to come out of the illness.
Each planet denotes some disease. Like wise diseases and all the nine planets can be categorised as under: Sun indicates eye problems, heart problems, high fevers, deprived digestion, mental tensions etc.
In medical astrology, all the planets represent some or the other part of your body.
During the dasha of planet the unfavourable transit, the native has to suffer from the health complications in the body part that is represented by the planet in question.
Let’s take a look at body parts and diseases related to different planets and their solution in Hindi .


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