Gramin App aims to digitalize the local community, News and product/services.


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Jul 8, 2021
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Gramin App - Explore Rural & Organic Product APP

The goal of Gramin App is to connect the village's art, culture, skills, service and organic products with the digital world. With the help of the Gramin app, you can meet people near you digitally, if you are living in the city so you can get all the rural products to your home, and also get updates and news of your city.
Through the Gramin App we want to digitalize our villages in India.

Keeping up with your local communities is faster and simpler than ever. Share updates and photos, engage with agri experts and stay connected as well as updated to communities' matters and most relevant to you. Gramin app is a must for you, as it's the only app which allows you to stay connected with the local neighbourhood. Follow farmers, experts and people in your area to communicate and share ideas.

Features on the Gramin App include:

* Connect with your local farmers, villagers and experts to share ideas and grow your business.
*Discuss farm related issues and get advice by agriculture experts.
* Set updates & use our product and services section to reach local communities.
* Share photos, videos, and documents about your farm, crop and other product or service that make a difference in your communities.
* Get notifications of the latest happening near you in real-time.
* Find local social events, and make plans to meet up with a local friend and community members to do some panchat.
* Follow Influencer and Agricultural experts to get updated information about business and communities.
* Look up local businesses to see reviews, operation hours, and pictures
* Buy and sell locally on Gramin App
* Watch live videos on the go
* Promote your business and product locally to target hyperlocal users from your community.
* Short stories/Video

Gramin App understands your needs, and so provides you with updates about local jobs & employment news, movie updates, the municipality and local authority announcements, events and workshops alerts, crime report, health and nutrition updates, local business alerts, technology-related content, content feed, local celebrity updates, community network news and updates, short stories, video content and much more. The best advantage is that you can not only learn but can buy and even contribute to the local content by just downloading this app.

We care about the community and respect their opinion. We monitor content to prevent any vulgar, Violent, and any forms of text or audiovisual content that harm and degrade the cultural and ethnic values of the community.

Bring out the reporter in you & become a contributor/journalist and submit stories from around you through your smartphone. Send in any videos or updates of your area that you think people will like & get your articles & videos featured on our app.

Download Gramin App Now and be the Star in your communities. Start sharing and exploring now.
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