Shoot your grappling hook to launch towards the top!


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Jul 21, 2016
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Grapple GAME

Shoot your grappling hook at airborne objects to launch towards them. Keep grappling up without falling to beat the level!

Grapple is a fun and addictive game with simple controls. It is easy to learn, but hard to master! You play as a factory worker trying to escape grueling labour forever. Your grappling gun will shoot wherever you tap the screen. If the grappling hook hits an object, you will latch on and launch towards it! Now shoot at an even higher object, and repeat until you see the ceiling. Hook onto the ceiling and you beat the level!

Grapple features infinite level generation and forever scaling difficulty. Your progress is always saved, so it is a great off and on game. Try to get to a higher level than your friends!
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