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Gratitude Journal Practice Guide

Gratitude Journal and Mindfulness - Humble Ways to Achieve Success

Sometimes when you try to compare the things you have with those that others have, you can ask yourself, "Why is everything not created equally?" and "Why do people tend to throw way what other people long to have?" However, as you learn to decipher things, you will realize that God has made everything with a purpose. And, you are luckier to have the things you already have than those people who have nothing. By believing and feeling that you are luckier than the other people you see you already have in you a form of gratitude and mindfulness. But, what have these two things got to do with your entire life, is a mystery you need to uncover on your own, and there are always ways out there to help you out.

When we say gratitude and mindfulness, we are actually referring to two different things that are actually connected to each other. Mindfulness is synonymous with attention and is all about embracing the challenges in life and in the future. It's definitely an attitude helps an individual look back at the memories of the past and learn something from it. However, more often than not, lots of people tend to disregard this trait. They tend to become boastful and do not look back on those days especially, the sad parts of their life.

Gratitude on the other hand is nothing different from being mindful. Both are actually positive attitudes. Being mindful is being thoughtful and strong-willed whilst gratitude is showing appreciation and thankfulness always even for the smallest of things. Definitely, these two traits are a necessity to the success of an individual. And without the observance of these traits, the world will be filled with successful yet ungrateful, arrogant and disobedient people.

Now, in a world of busy people, how are you going to attain or to possess these traits must be a major concern for a few people. There a few ways actually. And, three of those ways are laid out below.

* Clear your minds. The initial step should always begin with this. Once you have your mind cleared of something, there is a huge possibility for you to notice everything that surrounds you - even those that do not catch your eye normally.

* Think positive. The only way you can hold on to your life and able to look at the beauty that surrounds you is when you find positive thoughts even when negativity surrounds you. Cling always to the brighter side of things rather than on the darker side as doing so will help you maintain the zeal to appreciate life more often than not.

* Self control. Every person has an innate nature of being good. It's just that when one is overruled by anger, you cannot control yourself and the bad side of you comes out diminishing the chances of appreciating and focusing on certain great things that life has to offer.

It is well-known that people of all ages show and may achieve gratitude and mindfulness in different ways. And, definitely they are a lot more joyful than those who are not grateful and mindful!


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